Wechat Pay System User Service Agreement

These conditions apply to you if you are a WeChat user anywhere in the world, unless you belong to one of the following categories: a) a Weixin or WeChat user in the People`s Republic of China; b) a citizen of the People`s Republic of China, who uses weixin or WeChat all over the world; or (c) a Company based in China that uses Weixin or WeChat all over the world. If you belong to any of these categories, please read the Terms of Use (PRC users) in the Terms of Use. If you are a Weixin or WeChat user and you are in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau and you are not in categories (b) or (c), these conditions apply to you. As our personalized services and experiences are constantly evolving, we may add, modify or remove functions from our services from time to time (and to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations) of our services (including whether a service is free or not) or suspend or remove a service altogether. 2) WeChat Pay integrated integrator system integrators as an alternative payment method to their merchants. Payments are made directly to foreign merchants. WeChat Pay will sign the agreement with the foreign distributor and the system integrator. 4) Quick Pay (微买单): The merchant scans the QR code that the user displays on the quick payment page to complete the transaction. This feature does not require further development and credit card payment is also supported.

We give you more information within the corresponding WeChat services and the additional conditions applicable regarding how you can submit your claim. As WeChat and the user experience are constantly evolving, we can occasionally create an account with us to access and use some of our services. B for example a service account or a QQ number. We have the right, at our sole discretion and without notice, to remove all content, programs and/or services provided in weChat (including associated WeChat platforms or services) in accordance with these Terms. 2) In-App web payment: The user opens the merchant`s H5 trade site via WeChat and calls the WeChat payment module to continue the transaction. In late 2019, WeChat released dark Theme for Android users. [67] It was released for iOS in early 2020, amid rumors that WeChat would be removed from the Apple Store if they didn`t post a dark topic. [68] You can terminate your use of WeChat or any of the services available to You at any time (including if we have notified you of an imminent change in WeChat or these conditions to which you do not subscribe).