Vdo Agreement

The agreement on continuous production in three eight-hour shifts is accompanied by a reduction in the total weekly working hours, the hiring of 16 indeterminate contract workers, a substantial gross increase in monthly wages and additional training days. The agreement represents a win-win situation and an innovative approach in the context of labour relations in Italy, as it is contrary to the growing trend to relocate production to countries where labour is cheaper. In fact, continuous productivity increases the company`s competitiveness and allows it to stay in Italy. In addition, employees are also very satisfied, especially with the rotation of positions that allow them to have more free time. These terms and conditions, including documents or other sources covered by the terms and conditions, suspend all assurances and prior agreements between you and the Company regarding the use of the Site (including the order of goods) and contain the full agreement and understanding between you and the Company for the use of the Site. On the 11th day, the cycle repeats itself. The fact that workers always have three days in a row (eight days, nine and ten) is a great advantage. The evaluation or follow-up of the agreement is carried out at two levels: in the workplace, there are daily contacts between workers and the RSU in the workplace; evaluation between the RSU and management is carried out after three months. After the first three months, it was considered a system that works well: three flow legs operate on a continuous cycle (according to the initial agreement, only one plant would work in a continuous cycle), employees work in the positions they propose and, as agreed, 16 new employees have been hired. As part of the agreement with Microsoft, Siemens VDO will contribute to the development of Microsoft Auto, he said. The measures are defined in the mandatory business rules approved by Continental Corporation and are implemented on the basis of current IT security guidelines.

Specific measures for this data processing agreement can be found in the points mentioned below. For the subcontractors concerned, the corresponding data processing measures are defined in a separate contract. On 27 January 2005, Siemens Vdo Automotive (part of the German multinational electronics company) and its unions signed an agreement on continuous production in 38-hour shifts. The agreement was accompanied by a reduction in the total weekly working hours, the hiring of 16 people on indeterminate contracts and a monthly increase in gross wages. 12.1 Any endorsement must be written down. The agreement is the result of a series of negotiations between workers, unions and management. Together, they have succeeded in finding a solution that benefits both employers and workers. When subcontractors (for example. B for hosting, providing a data center, operating software for processing personal data, etc.) are recruited for the collection, processing or use of personal data described by Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd., the implementation of technical and organisational measures by the subcontractor concerned must be governed by data processing agreements. The concessions were made in exchange for a number of benefits for employees: significant wage increases, reduction of weekly working hours and insurance of new hires with an increase in the number of people alternating (from four to five). The turnover plan is linked to a monthly increase in gross salary of 250 euros (which will be reviewed every two years).