Unc Ncssm Articulation Agreement

The North Carolina Comprehensive Liaison Agreement (CAA) is a national credit transfer agreement between NC Community Colleges and NC Public Universities and aims to move students smoothly. The CAA gives certain assurances to the student passing on; for example: higher education credits may qualify for higher secondary education courses. In order to ensure that a student is ready for this advanced position, the agreements require that the student receive a grade of at least one B (not a B-). www.nccommunitycolleges.edu/academic-programs/college-transferarticulation-agreements/comprehensive-articulation-agreement-caa As each university or university has a different agreement, the UNC system has created a website, the NCSSM Equivalency Finder, where you can select an NCSSM course and see which university offers a credit. The alslo site allows you to search for and find a university course that, if it exists, receives recognition for this course. The best choice for a fluid articulation with the university is a partner in the arts or associate in Science Degree. Applied Sciences or General Education Diplomas have different blends of general education courses, choices and main courses, which are less easy to articulate with higher education institutions. Students who graduate from applied science and general culture, but that is not the intent of these programs. Again, the joint is not as smooth as with AA and AS degrees. NCSSM has articulation agreements with the 16 campus system of the University of North Carolina and a handful of private colleges and universities.

The agreements define courses (including private and online courses) that are attended by the NCSSM that can receive a credit at the university without a aptitude test or aptitude test required. Parents can view their registration data with the data manager, Ms. Furr, at the main office. Please read the required form on the PowerSchool page of the district and note that the photo identifier is required during pickup. Some beginner and vocational student (SCO) students may be exempt from these usual promotional requirements. Students, parents, teachers, school counsellors and other support staff are part of the team when thinking about the success of a single student. At CHS, we want to provide as much academic support as possible to our students. For more details on CAAs and RCMs, as well as links to all colleges and universities that justify the full articulation agreement, visit the UNC website.

In high school, we first want students to be able to supervise their learning and have preliminary interviews with their teachers. Identifying areas of need, self-consultation with teachers and implementing teachers to succeed are important skills that they must develop before leaving CHS.