Suntrust Online Services Agreement

If the customer chooses to obtain paid payment services against positive payment from the bank, the customer is not obliged to provide the bank with the check and the ACH credit entry file described above. Instead, the bank tells the customer each cheque presented as an exception in the exception report. The customer must immediately, but no later than 10:00.m Mountain Time, check the exception report and present a payment/non-payment decision for all items. One. AUTOMATED ACCOUNT SWEEPING SERVICES: If the Customer has chosen to receive automated sweeping services («Sweep») and the Bank has given its consent, the Customer authorizes the Bank and the Bank to automatically transfer money from one or more of the Customer`s current accounts, as indicated on the forms provided by the Bank (the «Sweep Account»): i) to other accounts («bank accounts received») with FD the IC member banks («receiving banks») (the «sweep service» assured of cash manager); or (ii) on a credit account (the «Loan Account») that is maintained by the Customer with the Bank and designated by the Customer on forms provided by the Bank (the «Sweep Loan Service»). If the customer has chosen to receive the Insured Cash Manager sweep service or the loan sweep sweep service and the bank has agreed to provide it: (a) the credit he wishes to hold on the customer`s sweep accounts is indicated on the forms provided by the bank (the «Destination Balance»); (b) the bank reserves the absolute right to modify the target credit by written notification to the customer and, with the prior written consent of the bank, the customer may modify the target credit; and (c) any amount of funds collected in the sweep account in excess of the covered balance is automatically intended for transfer and is referred to as «scan balances». With regard to the Insured Cash Manager sweep service, the bank is authorized to make deposits and withdrawals from sweep accounts and bank accounts received in accordance with the cash manager`s terms of service. With regard to the sweep loan service, the bank has the right to make withdrawals from the sweep account and payments regarding the credit account in accordance with the credit sweep service terms. The customer authorizes the bank, for any purpose related to this section IV, to rely on the instructions and signatures of the persons authorized to make withdrawals from the sweep account or payments to the loan account….